Six Senses Grand Bahama to Offer Hotel, Villas, and Branded Residences

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Six Senses is coming to Grand Bahama as part of a project that will boost local tourism, development, and investment. With social and environmental responsibility at its heart, the new resort and residences will create employment opportunities for Grand Bahamians, encourage sustainability and regenerative activity on the island, and engage the surrounding community while protecting the land for future generations of locals and visitors to Grand Bahama.

Resort village

Designed by architects 3XN, the resort village will comprise 45 waterfront and canal villas enjoying 2,400 feet (732 meters) of beach frontage and water on three sides. In addition to the guest accommodations, plans are afoot for a signature restaurant, beach venue, boathouse, and pool bar. Future development of the 36-acre site will see direct access to a new marina.

Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses, said: “We’re eager to reflect the authenticity of Bahamian lifestyle, culture, and landscape through organic pathways and architectural design to create a community blended with our signature ethos of wellness, sustainability, crafted guest experiences, and emotional hospitality.”

Units are planned to be modular and prefabricated to minimize on-site impacts and adhere to the high sustainability targets.

Kim Herforth Nielson, Founder of 3XN, said: “This is a great opportunity to investigate new construction methods and define a specific and new approach to sustainability in The Bahamas – both for the buildings and to respect the exceptional local nature.”

The resort village will host an Experience Center along with artist studios, relaxed meeting spaces, a fitness center, and Six Senses Spa. In addition to the Earth Lab, there will also be a Marine Research and Dive Center focused on coastal resiliency, native plantings, and land restoration. Additional land and sea areas will be designated as preserves, further enhancing the local biosphere.

Transformative model for The Bahamas and Caribbean projects

Today’s challenges are answered through actions, not words. At Six Senses Grand Bahama, a team of experts in coastal resilience, marine ecology, and sustainable design will collaborate with Bahamian consultants to ensure their wealth of knowledge is incorporated and applied to all aspects of the development.

The development and investment team, led by Weller Development Partners and Pegasus Capital Advisors, has a proven track record of environmental sustainability and a reputation for delivering transformative projects. One priority is to recruit from the communities directly surrounding the project and the aim is to partner with Blue Action Lab to collaborate with the local community on job training and skills enhancement. With a formal launch expected to kick off within weeks, the project will create hundreds of jobs for Bahamians, both in the construction phases and when the resort opens its doors.

Marc Weller, Founding Partner and President of Weller Development Partners, said: “We are dedicated to ensuring that our developments have a positive social impact on surrounding communities. Our team uses sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint, establish resilient and healthy communities, and preserve our natural environment. We want to build trust and work with the people of Grand Bahama to achieve their priorities and realize the potential of this amazing island.”

The development will receive an investment from the Global Fund for Coral Reefs to provide capital and technical assistance leading to increased resilience of reefs and the communities that depend on them. Creating a resort with a hurricane-insulating coastline, while minimizing environmental impacts through self-sufficient energy and waste ambitions, will also act as an exemplar for future sustainable tourism models on Grand Bahama and across the Caribbean.

Dale Galvin, Partner at the Global Fund for Coral Reefs, added: “There is a wealth of knowledge and data that exists within local Bahamian organizations and communities, and we look forward to partnering with these institutions to create a symbiotic relationship between the development and the sustainable protection of the marine environment.”

Branded residences

Under an hour by plane or 2.5 hours by boat from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Grand Bahama is the gateway to The Bahamas and a short commute to and from South Florida and major international hubs. Designed by world-renowned architect Olson Kundig, there will be approximately 20 branded residences for owners seeking a home-away-from-home near the cosmopolitan and family-friendly city of Freeport. One of the last of the islands to develop in the mid-20th century, Grand Bahama is a laid-back, accessible community that balances modern infrastructure, restaurants, and hotels with golden beaches and aquamarine waters. Outside the city, the island is an explorer’s delight with expansive mangrove forests, sea caves, and sandy cays.

Tom Kundig, Principal, Owner and Founder of Olson Kundig, stated: “Six Senses’ immersive approach to hospitality, travel, and wellness offers guests an opportunity to experience something extraordinary at all levels. I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them on the design of their new resort on Grand Bahama and support our shared agenda for wellness, sustainable design, community, connectivity with nature, and transformative experiences.”

Craig Cogut, Founder and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisors, said: “Our aim is always to create nature-based solutions and sustainable infrastructure while generating social and environmental outcomes that are intentional, material, and scalable.”
Pegasus Capital Advisors specializes in investments in sustainable ocean production, eco-tourism, and infrastructure.

Six Senses Grand Bahama is slated to open in 2026.

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